Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The First Day of Summer Vacation

Oh, joy! The first day of summer break. I tried to force myself out of bed at my normal time (4:30 AM) to exercise, but just couldn't quite do it. I did manage to get up early-ish and work out and then proceeded to prod my children out of bed so we could make it to a piano lesson on time. The big thrill of the day was going to see Up in the theatre in 3D. The girls wore the glasses part of the time at least and I thought it was a great movie. The part I didn't like was the cost ....$27 for the three of us. They failed to inform us on their movie hotline that going to a 3D show is an additional $3 per person. UGH. Popcorn is a mere $6. So, this is probably the one time all summer we will go to a theatre that is not the dollar theatre variety. Maybe we can view this as our first day of summer vacation celebration, which makes me feel not quite as guilty.

And, one would think I would have free time now so I could get a lot of reading done. Hmmmmm....I haven't really seen free time at this point. I just discovered this evening that Dessert First, the kids book I have been working on was hijacked by my seven year old yesterday and was left at my parents' house. I spent a good amount of time wondering where I had set it and thinking I was losing my mind. So I can finish that up tonight and then keep reading Admission by Jean Hanff Korelitz which I am enjoying a lot, too.

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