Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To Get Married by Me, the Bride

Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap are back after their amazing first picture book, How To Be a Baby by Me, the Big Sister. I think I have read that one at home a hundred times. And that doesn't count all the story times I have had at school and the many children I have shared How To Be a Baby with there. It is a much loved book. I was delighted to see that How To Get Married, by Me, the Bride was coming out- and right around the time my own sister was getting married, when my daughters would be all about weddings.
I have yet to read this new picture book at home (only because I have ordered our own copy which hasn't yet arrived, while my library copy has), but I did share it with some classes. Once again there was a lot of laughter, although I personally like How to be a Baby a bit more. When the girl/bride states "you can marry your best friend or your teacher or your pet or your daddy..." you could just see my older kids coming up with very logical arguments why that wasn't true. I was dreading someone raising their hand to tell me that such things were illegal. So right off the bat I had to explain that this book was supposed to be FUNNY. After that they enjoyed the story- even the boys, who really aren't into weddings.
I am anxiously awaiting for my latest order of books to come so that we can add a new favorite to our bedtime routine.

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