Friday, May 15, 2009

Honeymoon in Tehran

What is it with me and my love of books about Iran? I am not sure, but there are so many of them being published, that obviously I am not the only one who is reading books about Iranians. Azedah Moaveni's new memoir, Honeymoon in Tehran: Two Years of Love and Danger in Iran was an interesting look at present day Iran.
Moaveni, an Iranian who grew up in the United States, returns to Tehran with the idea of making Iran her home. She still has relatives who live there and friends from a previous stint of reporting from Tehran. This time around she is struck by the changes that have occurred. Ahmadinejad is the new leader, and underdog from the beginning. His rule is characterized by a more conservative attitude toward women than Moaveni has seen during her other time in Iran. The coverings she wears are found insufficient on many circumstances and she fears being arrested. The sites she attempts to access on the internet are often blocked, and satellite dishes are routinely confiscated. To complicate matters, Moaveni manages to fall in love in Tehran, get married and have a baby. While she is not happy with the restrictions she faces for herself, she must now also think of her child and how his life will unfold in an environment that is so controlled by the government.
Moaveni's first memoir, Lipstick Jihad, still sits atop a pile of books I need/want to read. I enjoyed this memoir very much and look forward to Lipstick Jihad and future works by Moaveni.

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