Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dewey Nightmare

It is that time of the year...inventory in the school library. I can honestly say that I have read very little and have spent several days reshelving books and fixing all the misfiled nonfiction books. I have barely started inventory of what I have and I can think of a "to do" list that is fairly long right now. I did enjoy my Memorial Day weekend....beautiful weather, visiting with some friends, and my husband's birthday. We purchased for him (or maybe for us) Super Mario Cart for our Wii. I spend most of the time when I play driving off the course and crashing, but it is still fun. The books I managed to read over the weekend were Tori Spelling's book Mommywood. Considering I have never seen anything with Tori Spelling in it, or even know much about her, except that she and her mother have a long standing feud, the book was okay. I don't think we live in the same world....she refers to her "gay husband" (a friend of hers) often. This is a different person than her husband, Dean McDermott. As far as I know I don't know anyone else with a "gay husband". There were some other random references to things that made me realize how very different Tori Spelling is from me, but the book was mildly entertaining and for her fans, probably quite enjoyable.
The other book I managed to finish, aside from the last 20 pages which I haven't read yet, giving you some idea of how uncompelling the book has been for me is the Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil. I knit and have typically enjoyed other books about knitting groups (Ann Hood's The Knitting Group being one of my favorites), but I just wasn't able to make any real connections to the characters in this book.
I am hoping to have a bit more time to read something for fun soon. I have a few new books I am working on so perhaps I can burn the midnight oil or something.

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Peacefull Reader said...

Love the cover of Beach Street Knitting Society...if that helps!
and I have not yet begun inventory either-UGH!