Thursday, April 16, 2009

Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale

In the fall I read Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk to my students. It was enjoyed by both lower and upper elementary students. Today I read Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale by Daniel Kirk. This second book was equally as enjoyable as the first. Sam, the library mouse, is back. This time when Mrs. Forrester's class uses the library to write their stories, Tom doesn't have a partner to work with. Sam, who is quite shy comes out at night, but one night when retrieving his notebook, he steps in an inkpad, leaving a trail of footprints to his hole. Tom is able to figure out who Sam really is and leaves him some treats. Eventually the two collaborate on a story, with one writing it and the other illustrating it. Sam's identity remains a secret much to his and Tom's relief. I think Kirk's latest work is another good addition to what I hope is a collection of Library Mouse books.

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