Sunday, January 25, 2009


Tomorrow is the big day! Newbery, Caldecott, and a host of other winners will be announced. My goal is to get everything done as quickly as I can at work so I can watch the announcements live. Some years I have predicted which books I think should get some award, but usually just to myself so I don't have to feel ridiculous when my predictions are wrong. This year I have been reading so many blogs and feel like I know what books might be contenders, but I have not been able to read all of the books that have made a splash. If I own the book I feel at least a little successful since obviously I must be sort of clued in. After seeing the Cybils list for picture books and realizing that I don't really know any of those, I can't even begin to predict a winner there. I still really, really like Jimmy's Stars and am hoping it will get some sort of award. I also think The Underneath has received so much press and it is the type of quality writing that garners a Newbery, that I wouldn't be surprised at all if it gets an award. I also have Savvy sitting in a pile of books at home, so if that does get an award, I do own it already. Other than that, I am hoping to be happily surprised. We'll just have to see.


Mama reads! said...

I am excited to see and plan to get my work done as quickly as possible to watch as well. I agree-I am always happy if I have happened to already have purchased the winner and runners-up!! Hopefully, after much blogging this year we will be right on with some of our picks!

Mama reads! said...

Well, you predicted two titles correctly!! Maybe next year we can be so on top of it that we seal our predictions, give it to the other and see how well we do?