Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Monday Mini-Reviews: Not Much to Report


This past week I've been busy with all sorts of school stuff.  And then yesterday I decided I should clean my neglected, messy house.  That has translated into not a lot of reading time. I've also been picking up a lot of nonfiction and enjoying that a great deal.

I did enjoy Expiration Dates by Rebecca Serle yesterday.  This one was fast and I only regret that I was interrupted so many times while reading it.  

Daphne receives a slip of paper as each relationship starts, stating the name of the guy she will be dating and the length of time the relationship will last.  Obviously, there's a bit of magical realism in this book, but if you can get by this bit of the story, you can see how Daphne's relationships begin - and eventually fail. 

Until she meets Jake.  And the slip of paper states his name, but no ending date. 

There is a plot twist I didn't see coming, so I encourage readers to go into this one without reading any form of a summary.  I will say that suddenly Daphne's relationships make more sense, and the ending does seem a bit inevitable. 

A little bit serious as well as a little bit fun, this was a great book to spend an afternoon on.

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Ti said...

Re: your cleaning comment. I really need to rid my house of hospital stuff. After the surgeries I had no energy and then when I started to feel better who wants to clean the house? But I have stuff everywhere and it's a constant reminder of illness. It has to go.

Reading is getting better for me. I spent most of yesterday on the couch answering work emails and reading my book in between.