Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Children's and YA Lit: Keeping Pace

I love middle grade novels and am always amazed by the high quality out there for kids.

Keeping Pace caught my eye because as a family of runners, I'll pretty much read anything about running.  And this story does not disappoint.

Grace and Jonah grew up as best friends. But Jonah's dad died about the same time Grace's parents were divorcing and somehow the two became rivals, competing to win the award for who has the highest GPA in their class.

Grace decides to run a half-marathon over the summer and Jonah has apparently decided the same thing.  The two occasionally run together to train - each time Grace realizes she enjoys Jonah's company.  However, Grace has her eyes firmly set on beating Jonah in something.

This story is more than a book about running, though.  It's a story about friendship and growing up and accepting that life isn't only about achievements and checklists. 

This book is just a perfect blend of so many things.  My girls are a little too old to pick it up, but for middle school girls (or boys) this is a great story.

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