Friday, November 24, 2023

Friday Five: Black Friday Sales Are Upon Us

I've been on-line shopping for quite a while, now, adding to my winter wardrobe for the year.  Unfortunately I continue to find things I really like.  We shopped briefly today, but our main stop was at an appliance store since our washer and dryer are both nearing the end of their lives.  They have been resurrected by my husband many times and we finally decided we needed to get this taken care of or we will be out of luck sometime when we really need something washed or dried. 

Thanksgiving was enjoyable this year - I look forward to it every year since it is the one holiday I host.  Lots of food (and now lots of leftovers), an afternoon spent putting a puzzle together and doing an art project of some sort while football is on TV is a nice way to spend the day with family.  This year we had our biggest crowd - 23 people!   Our house is not big and my husband wasn't sure how this would work, but it was great.  And it was a good reason to have everyone help clean the house.  

I love that all three girls are home for a few days and it has been fun to listen to them talking and giggling (and fighting) as they get to spend some time together.  They have also been doing some online shopping suggesting things they would like for Christmas.

Here are the things I've found this week to share:

1.  Fair Isle Split Neck Sweater

2.  Fair Isle Wool Blend Sweater

3.  Cozy Shirt Jacket

4.  Angela Waffle Half Zip Pullover

5.  Fair Isle Turtleneck Mini Sweater Dress

6.  Black Watch Plaid Sherpa Half Zip Pullover

7.  Luka Stripe Trim Sweatshirt

8.  I Like Books More Than People Hoodie

9.  Best Christmas Ever on Netflix

10.  Your Own Backyard Podcast

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

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Kay said...

Tina, so happy you guys had a nice Thanksgiving and your girls were all home, etc. 23 people is a lot! We had 9 and I thought that was enough. LOL