Thursday, September 29, 2022

Friday Five: Here We Are In October Already


It's October already and although I'm not looking forward to winter weather, I do love a cozy sweater.  We are also midway through cross country season already. 

 It has been a good season, but not as fun as last.  Middle Sister is off at college and although she's on the XC team, she's been suffering through shin splints and has yet to compete.  Little Sister is doing well, but ever the perfectionist, isn't ever happy with her performance.  Her times are just slightly slower than from her freshman year and this is also frustrating to her.  And as the mom, that means I spend my time worrying over these things.  It's hard when your kids aren't happy.  

Hopefully we will find some high points in this season. There are still a few weeks left to enjoy.

Here are the things I've found to share with you all this week:

1.  Donegal Cable Crewneck Sweater

2.  Signature Coverall Jumpsuit

3.  Hensley Pullover Sweater in Rainbow Donegal

4.  Karlie Clogs

5.  Rosanne Dress in Polka Dot

6.  Meg Leather Flat Loafers

7.  Jacquard Knit Turtleneck Sweater

8.  Mid-Rise Perfect Vintage Jean in Ainsdale Wash: Knee-Rip Edition

9.  Women's Puff Elbow Sleeve Top-Knox and Rose

10.  The Patient on Hulu - I've been hearing some buzz about this show and have added it to my list of shows I plan on watching someday.

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

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