Thursday, April 1, 2021

Friday Five

It's already Good Friday and after an exhausting week at school, I'm happy to have a day off. This is our last day off during the school year (aside from Memorial Day which seems awfully far off), so I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.  

It's been cold here this week, but the next several days will be nice and warm...I've been waiting for this for months!

Enjoy what I've found this week:


1.  Brushstroke Smock Puffed Shoulder Tee - the puff sleeve is growing on me and I love the olive color paired with white.

2. Ruffleneck Shirred Top in Cotton Poplin - I love this cute striped top -and the ruffle on top

3.  Scarf Pony - I wear my hair in a ponytail every day right now (a byproduct of having to wear a mask all day every day and not wanting hair in my mouth contantly) and love the look of a scarf scrunchie.

4.  Embroidered Babydoll Top - I love this top and the color combo

5.   Thread and Supply Lolly TShirt - a basic tee with some color thrown in...

6.  Women's Blue Tie Dye Jogger - these are a little bit of a splurge for sweats, but I keep hearing rave reviews, and I love a good, warm pair of sweat pants for the winter months.

7.  The Sweatshirt by Boden - I already own several Boden sweatshirts but I love seeing their new designs. This is the one I love from this season's picks.

8.  White Denim Overalls -I used to own several pairs of overalls but somehow I didn't realize that I might want to wear them again twenty years later. I would happily update with a white pair of bibs.

9.  Floral Shoulder Button Top - I am so ready for new spring tops and this is something I could wear with shorts, jeans or a pair of khakis.

10.  Murder, She Wrote

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

1 comment:

Ti said...

I like that basic tee, a lot. My arms though. I know we should not bash ourselves when it comes to looks but I need some sort of a flutter sleeve or it just ain't pretty.

It's very hot here. 90 again. I am a little afraid for summer if it's this hot now. Last year I was sitting here shivering it was so cold.

I am wanting to do all sorts of things right now. I am very antsy and need to get rid of this energy. Perhaps clean the garage. I really need to finish this one book I am reading because I totally forgot about the read a long I am in for The Green Mile. I can't sit still though. It's a combination of college worries and just general worries but when it's warm like this I always think an earthquake is coming. We have had three weird bird related issues in our yard and that's a sign that Mother Nature could have something planned. Hope not.