Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fall/Winter Reading List

In the past the only reading list I created was for the summer months.  After having such success this summer and actually reading every book on the list, I decided to look through some of the piles of books I have cluttering my house and read a few backlist titles that I keep meaning to pick up.  I've chosen sixteen books - the same number I chose for the summer - and giving myself a bit longer to try to get through them.  I still want to read new releases that are coming out and have freedom to read whatever I want whenever I want.  

I'll post updates occasionally on my progress - hoping that there is some progress to report. We shall see how this goes.

Below are the sixteen books I've selected:


Ti said...

I forgot Moriarty's Nine Perfect Strangers! I have it on my Kindle. I recently purchased a used copy of the Husband something. Thought that was my last book for her. You really go big with your reading lists. I could never commit to 16. I am just all over the place these days.

Kay said...

Good luck with your list! Some good ones there I suspect. I've read the four in bottom right corner and enjoyed all of them. And the book that Ti mentioned she picked up above is The Husband's Secret - which, if you're reading this Ti, is a good one. Think you'll enjoy it!