Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday Mini-Reviews: Where Has The Summer Gone?

At the beginning of the summer I had such high hopes of reading a book a day, much like I have come close to doing in summers past.  

But somewhere along the line, my reading plans went awry in a big way.

Instead of the 90 books I wanted to get through, I have read 45 so far.  

What happened?

Well, a combination of things. For a while I have been feeling less enthusiastic about blogging. I still like it, but seem to have a hard time making myself sit down and write as often as I once used to.  I also have found a desire to read more of things that I pick on my own - not titles that have been sent to me for review.  I still love getting book mail, but if I read that, I rarely have time for anything else and books that I have been just waiting to read, never even stand a chance of me getting to them.

I have had a great summer of reading some really good books.  But, that has meant reading more slowly and really enjoying what was reading, not rushing through as quickly as I could.

I also started watching some shows on Netflix.  After years of watching next to nothing, I've decided to get through all nine seasons of The Office.  I'm loving it, but sometimes all I feel like doing is watching an episode of The Office instead of picking up my book.  It's definitely a strange feeling for me.

School is also starting up again this week. My head has been full of school thoughts, and that has made reading more difficult.

I did pick up a perfect book this past weekend.  It was light and fun and I had a hard time putting it down.

Jen Dixon is back as a room mother as her son Max enters third grade.  She's just as funny as she was in Gelman's first novel, Class Mom, and now not only is she a class parent, she also gets to head up the safety patrol group the school is starting up.

Jen's worried about her two adult daughters as well. One is following her boyfriend's rock band through Europe, while the other is working at Jenny Craig and avoiding Jen.  Jen's husband is thinking of expanding his sports store which is adding some financial pressure to their household, too.

I like Jen and her sense of humor and the way her story has developed since the first book. I am so hoping that Jen gets selected to be the class mom a few more times because I'd love to read more books in this series.

If you, too, are busy with school or work, this book would be a great way to unwind and relax.

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Kay said...

I think it's very OK that you are reading less or even differently than you've been in the past. Blogging is fun, but it has certainly had ups and downs. I think many of us have come to take breaks or spread out our posts. And it's nice to be able to read what feel right at the time. Hope the school year goes well for you. Your girls are getting to be all grown up almost. Amazing! Take care and I'll always be around to read whatever you feel like sharing. :-)