Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Non-Fiction November: My Year In Non-Fiction

This is my first time participating in NonFiction November, but I've been a non-fiction reader for a long time.  This week's post is linked up with Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, one of the hosts of this month's fun.

This first week of November, the focus is on the best non-fiction books we've read this year.  I can't wait to see other posts on this topic because I have hopes of adding some titles to my TBR stacks.

What is the best non-fiction book I've read this year? 
I don't think it's possible to pick just one, but I do have a few I really enjoyed:

Beauty in the Broken Places by Allison Pataki

The Newcomers by Helen Thorpe

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

From the Corner of the Oval by Beck Dorey Stein

Do you have a particular topic you've been more interested in this year?  I feel like every year there are certain topics that see more books published about it than in previous years. This year I read two book on the Flint water crisis (What The Eyes Don't See by Mona Hanna-Attisha and The Poisoned City by Anna Clark), and since Obama left office I've read several of his staffers' memoirs. As a teacher, I am also attracted to anything about education 

What nonfiction book have you recommended the most?

Educated by Tara Westover. I loved this memoir, and since my husband (who has much different taste than I do in books) read it and loved it, too, I knew that it had wide appeal.

What is one topic or type of nonfiction you haven’t read enough of yet?

I tend to gravitate toward memoirs and certain topics, but I will say that I am game to try anything.  

What are you hoping to get out of participating in Nonfiction November?

I can't wait to add books to my TBR lists that I find on other Nonfiction November posts.  And for people who read my blog, I'm hoping to give them a few titles to add to their lists and the idea that they should give non-fiction a chance, too.  


Louise@AStrongBeliefinWicker said...

Educated is certainly popping up as favourites for many readers. I haven't read it yet, I'd be interested in the audio.

Michael said...

From the Corner of the Oval Office seems intriguing: I'd be interested in checking out Obama staffers' memoirs, and I might have to begin with it. I appreciate the rec!

Emma at Words And Peace / France Book Tours said...

welcome to Nonfiction November! I can't believe the number of bloggers who mention Educated. My post is here: https://wordsandpeace.com/2018/10/29/nonfiction-november-my-year-2018-in-nonfiction/

Brona said...

There's also a young person's edition of Shoe Dog that I love to recommend to teen readers.

Angela said...

From the Corner of the Oval is one I'm hoping to get to this month! I've heard lots of good things about it!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I've been reading a lot of Obama staffer memoirs too, they make me so nostalgic and, I think, are calming right now. The Newcomers was on my radar when it first came out, and then I never read it. It sounds great though. Thanks for joining us this month!

Reading with Jade said...

Educated has been quite widely mentioned in this opening #NonFicNov prompt - I'm finally getting round to reading it this month, and all the positivity surrounding it definitely makes me want to pick it up sooner rather than later. Happy reading in the month of November!

Debbie Rodgers said...

I just found your blog through Nonfiction November.

Being surrounded all day by children and books sounds delightful!

JoAnn said...

From the Corner of the Oval has been recommended by a couple of other bloggers and I've already added it to my list, but The Newcomers looks wonderful! Thanks for the suggestion.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Beauty in the Broken Places and The Newcomers both sound like books I'd like to read. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Unruly Reader said...

Hello from a fellow Iowan! (Iowa-raised and always Iowan inside, even though I've moved away)

I really liked Educated, too, though I also found it heart-wrenching at times. I'm a sucker for political staffers' memoirs, and I'm excited to see that you enjoyed From the Corner of the Oval (which I've added to my TBR).

DoingDewey said...

I really love that you want to sell other people on reading some nonfiction with the event. I'm always happy to see nonfiction get some more appreciation :)