Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday Five: Feeling Lazy This Week

Maybe it's the weather, which is cold and rainy here, but every single day this week I've struggled with my workout - that is, when I actually did work out.  I have stayed in bed well past my normal waking time and slept a bit longer on several days. I like the extra sleep, but I don't like the guilt I feel when I get up and missed my workout.  I'm hoping next week I feel some ambition and can make myself stumble out of bed to get some exercise in.

1.  Babysitter's Club T-Shirt - as a reader of the original BSC books, I can't resist anything that brings up the happy memories I feel when I think of those books and that time in my life. I actually already ordered this shirt and can't wait for it to get here.

2.  Promisa Top-Blue Stripe- I like the diagonal striping in this sweater and the front tie.  It does seem a little springy (at least for my area of the country), but I could definitely see wearing this with my white capris.

3. Point Sur Alpaca crew neck sweater in stripe - and this lovely JCrew sweater is calling my name as well.  It's not quite sweater weather yet, but it's definitely heading in that direction.

4.  Wiener Dog Collector's T-Shirt- JCrew always has some fun collector's t-shirts.  This cute dog shirt would help me revamp my sad T-shirt collection.

5. Marbleized Stone Cluster Earrings - I'm always looking for a new pair of earrings I can wear often.  These are versatile and would go with just about anything.

6.  Striped Open-Front Sweater for Women- I love a good cardigan sweater.  I like the striping in this one, and the fact that I could throw it on over a variety of tops.

7.  Free People Joshua Tree Jacket - everyone needs a good camo jacket.  I have one that I bought several years ago, and absolutely love it.

Slide View 1: Joshua Tree Jacket

8.  Floral Vines Tassel Square Scarf -before last week I hadn't seen the "tassels hanging off of a scarf" look.  This must be the style this year. I can't say I mind it at all.

9.  Cashmere-Blend Boucle Cropped Boxy Sweater - the neckline of this one is what I was initially attracted to. I have never bought myself anything cashmere, although I would love to. 

Cashmere-Blend Bouclé Cropped Boxy Sweater

10.  Sherpa Half-Zip Pullover - and in case I don't have enough buffalo plaid in my wardrobe already, Abercrombie has a cozy looking pullover.

product image

So that's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?

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Ti said...

The striped J Crew sweater reminds me of one I saw at Forever 21 this weekend when my daughter was shopping. Same look and fabric, a fraction of the cost. I tried to find it online and can't.