Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Five

I'm feeling pretty amazed that I'm on vacation and got this post ready days in advance - along with all of next week's posts.  I'm not the most motivated to get things done in the summer.

So since I still have things to pack before we leave,  I need to get on with this week's picks:

1.  Lizzy James Necklace - my friend Sarah (who I will get to see on vacation) suggested this for my Friday post. I hadn't heard of these necklaces that can double as bracelets, but I looked at the website and really like them.  They are pricier than the normal jewelry I buy, but I'm keeping them in mind for some future time when I feel like splurging on msyelf.

2.  Calvin Klein Performance Camouflage Printed Leggings - I have plenty of leggings, and yet I always can find another pair I'd like.  And since they are camo, what could be better?

Calvin Klein Performance Camouflage Printed Leggings

3.  Lilla P Eyelet-Sleeve Dress - this dress is simple, but something that could be dressed up or down. Plus, I love eyelet.

4.  Maya Embroidered Cover-Up  - I haven't updated my swimsuit in a few years - but it's been a lot longer than that since I've bought a new cover up.  

5.  Twist Front Top - I love stripes and the twist top look. 

6.  Ruffled Utility Jacket - I feel like everyone could use a good utility jacket. I have one that must be about ten years old and I still love it. This is a more updated look with the ruffles.

8.  Side Ruched T - and while I have lots of casual, hang out around the house t-shirts, I could use a few that are a little dressy.

9.  Cha Cha Espadrille Wedge Sandal - I like this color although I would probably choose black since it goes with everything. It's been years since I've bought a dressy pair of sandals.  I feel like I need a pair that I could wear with a variety of thins in a variety of situations.

10.  Maddie Poppe's new video - and our hometown girl, Maddie Poppe (who won American Idol) just released her new video.  She's also been back around here in between her many obligations to AI, and we've enjoyed seeing her in local stores and restaurants via Instagram. Unfortunately we've been in these same locations - but not at the same time she has.

So, how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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