Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Five: Spring Is Just Around the Corner

It's funny how now that we're into February, spring feels just that much closer.  We're having some rather mild weather around here and there's been some days - and nights - where there's a lot of melting going on.  I'm perfectly ok with that.  My Friday Five this week is more geared toward spring. I'm ready for it.

1.  Special Touches T - my new Sundance catalog arrived, and basically I want everything in it.  This could be casual or for work, with shorts or jeans. 

2.  Lower East Side Sneakers - last week I had a lot of shoes I was eyeing, but then that darn Sundance catalog had a few more pairs I thought were cute. I've shown a few co-workers these and they, too, find them super cute.

3.  City Crew Neck Graphic T - I really don't need any more T's, but I'm hopefully going to BEA in June which just so happens to be in NYC, so this shirt grabbed my attention.

4.  Tie Belt Denim Jacket - Gap definitely knows denim. There are lots of great denim pieces right now. This is just one of several I wouldn't mind having in my closet.

5.  Free Range Pant

6.  Presidential Podcast - my friend Kristin gets a shout out for cluing me in on this podcast. I've listened to the first three episodes and am thoroughly enjoying it.  

What's caught your eye this week?

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