Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blog Tour: A Most Extraordinary Pursuit

A few years ago I fell in love with Beatriz Williams' books and now I have happily discovered Juliana Gray is Williams' pseudonym and I have another book to enjoy by an author I love.

Set in 1906, A Most Extraordinary Pursuit is a historical fiction novel, a genre I love, and something Williams writes well.

Miss Emmaline Truelove is the Duke of Olympia's personal secretary, and after his death she is called to locate his heir who appears to be missing.  She sets out on this quest with Lord Silverton, whose ability she is unimpressed with.

As they embark on this mission, danger finds them as they become aware that Maximillian Haywood, the heir, may have met foul play, and they continue on their mission.

Emmaline is a fun narrator and heroine. She would be a great friend to a gal like Maisie Dobbs or Bess Crawford.  

Gray includes one bit of magic or make believe in this novel by allowing the ghost of Queen Victoria to visit Gray frequently.  This happened in several places and I found myself surprised each time by this random conversation with this ghost.

This is a fun book with plenty of loose ends at the book's end that leave room for another novel in this series.  

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