Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five

Another week of interesting things to look at on the internet - some to eat, some to wear, some for the home.  There is never a shortage of great stuff out there.  So, enjoy. Let me know what's kept you busy this week.

You know, just about the time I can kick one food addiction, another one pops up.  Now M&Ms come in the Crispy variety.  They still aren't as good as the peanut butter M&Ms. but they are quite tasty.

We have need a new rug for YEARS.  We bought a cheap area rug at Wal-Mart which served its purpose, but after remodeling and dog hair gathered on it last year (and dog hair continued to gather this year), we really needed a new rug.  However, my husband is on his no spending soapbox, which I have joined him on, and therefore we haven't purchased a rug. However, Target has rugs on sale this week AND I had $30 in gift cards saved up. So this rug was less than $50.  Yesterday Big Sister and I went to look at rugs and came home with this one.  

I think it looks rather nice in our living room.

I remember tasting my first Larabar a few years ago. I had bought a giant economy size box from Sam's, tried one, and gave the entire thing to my sister because they were disgusting. I wasn't holding out much hope when I met with a dietitian who really wanted me (and everyone she planned diets for) to find a bar with a certain number of grams of sugar and very few ingredients.  Basically, the Larabar was the only thing on her list.  I think they're an acquired taste, but I totally love the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar now.  

Can the quality get any worse?  These anti-running shorts from Title Nine are something I feel would be a great item to wear to my exercise classes. We have our bodies in all sorts of contortions, and I really don't need anyone having to look up my shorts- not that they'd want to.  However, I also don't always want to wear a pair of tight spandex bottoms.  I think these are ones I could wear to run errands, exercise, and pretty much almost anywhere I need to go in the summer.

I have a very old pair of Birkies that were a tie dyed pattern. I wore these absolutely everywhere. I haven't had a pair for forever, although I am wondering now if this old pair is somewhere in a box that I could dig up.  I am liking this new floral version a lot.

What things have caught your eye this week?


Ti said...

Love the rug.

I like Kind bars. Mostly because they are gluten free. Maybe not all of them are but the ones I've tried are yummy and GF too.

I some some Birks at Nordstrom lasdt weekend and they were metallic. There was a bronze color that was really pretty but I don't have small feet and I think they make my 8.5 (very flat foot) look huge!

20 Years Later said...

The flip flop Birks seem to be pretty popular now though I haven't seen many in our beach area. I'm not sure if I can wear them again. I had 3 or 4 pairs after living in Germany, but it's like wearing velour or rolling up my jeans again. I'm not sure I can do it.