Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Migratory Animals

Migratory Animals by Mary Helen Specht is a literary debut worth the time it takes to read.

Although Specht's novel focuses on a group of eight friends, Flannery and her sister Molly were the two characters it centered around.

Flannery has spent the past five years in Nigeria, where her fiance is still living, but has returned home to Texas for a while.  While at home she notices that Molly seems to have symptoms of Huntington's Disease, which also killed their mother.

The other friends have their own issues and challenges. Alyce has asked her husband and children for time away from them as she apparently struggles with depression.  Santiago, Flannery's former boyfriend, would like to be in a relationship with her again. As Flannery spends time at home with her friends, she must decide whether she will return to Africa to pursue her own life, or to stay in Texas, where life is comfortable and she can be of help to her sister.

Most of the struggles these friends face will be recognized as the normal daily challenges that people encounter as they go through life.  Their support comes from each other.

Migratory Animals is a novel to be enjoyed, savored.  Specht's characters are multi-faceted and feel real. Although their decisions frustrated me, I enjoyed the story and how Specht was able to develop it.

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Ti said...

I do enjoy stories that center around a large group of friends.

Kay said...

I might have to pick this one up. I see that she comes home to Austin and I always enjoy seeing how much my home setting is featured in a book. Thanks for telling about this one!