Tuesday, May 27, 2014

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

My Memorial weekend was full of great reading. The book that was the one I found hardest to put down was To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han.  

This is going to be one of those books that I will be handing off to every pre-teen and teenage girl that enjoys reading.  My twelve year old daughter could read it and I wouldn't worry too much about the content.  My eighteen year old high school worker could read it, too, and will love it.

Lara Jean is the middle sister. Her older sister, Margot, is heading off to college in Scotland, and her younger sister, Kitty, nine, has always been taken care of by her older sisters.  Their mother died six years before, and the girls have an incredibly close bond with each other.  

Lara Jean has had crushes on different boys, yet she hasn't had a boyfriend. Her sister's boyfriend, Josh, is someone that Lara Jean had a crush on until he started dating Margot. As a way of getting over Josh, Lara Jean wrote him a letter and stored it in her hatbox.  

Although these letters have always been private, they get mailed somehow, and now Lara Jean's former crushes know her true feelings for them.  This leads Lara into pretending to date Peter K., a crush from seventh grade, as she attempts to hide her feelings from Josh (who received a letter from her) and Peter can make his ex-girlfriend, Gen, jealous.

Convoluted? Maybe a bit, but it totally works.  I love Lara Jean and her family.  I love the conversations they have with each other. I love the traditions they keep.  I love their dad who is an awfully good single father.  I love Lara Jean's original and quirky ways.

And I love Peter K, who despite his reputation is actually a pretty good guy.

The ending?  ARGH!  I wanted so much more!  And yet, it was perfect.  

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