Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Five

When I'm in the middle of a work week with a lot of after school events and activities, they seem to drag on, but I am still always surprised how quickly Friday comes around.  Here's to a long weekend!  Enjoy!

This Mystique Tank from Title Nine caught my is advertised with a woman running while wearing it, but to me it almost looks dressy enough to wear for more than just exercising. The bad news is that this color is no longer available in my size. However, there are a few other choices left that I may have to check out more closely.

One of my friends asked me if I liked Mental Floss the other day, and I of coruse, exclaimed that I love this magazine.  Only I didn't realize that there are Mental Floss videos on youtube and that this one deals with something I am passionate about: children's books!

I need a few new pairs of shorts for the summer.  These seem like a nice, longer length that I don't yet have in my wardrobe.  Right now I mostly have exercise shorts and stuff to just wear around the house. Nothing nice. I could throw on a t-shirt with these or even dress them up a little. Right now they are only $19 at Old Navy.

It wouldn't be a Friday Five if I didn't have something edible on the list.  I used to have a major peanut butter obsession. But, I have tried to really cut back on that. Instead, I have been snacking on cocoa almonds in the morning I especially enjoy the cocoa almonds I can pick up at Sam's Club. And they must be fairly good because my co-workers often ask for a handful for themselves.

It seems like everyone is crazy about Olaf from the movie Frozen.  I like him, too, but it was impossible to find my youngest daughter a stuffed Olaf like she wanted.  I haven't ordered the stuffed Sven I found, but man, is he cute!

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Ti said...

We have yet to see Frozen in my house. I am so tired of the song that the idea of watching the movie is a real turn-off to me. The Girl wants to see it and we will eventually.