Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lone Bean

If you're looking for a chapter book for a girl who enjoys books like the Sassy series, Clementine, or Keena Ford, Lone Bean by Chudney Ross (due out in July) is a great selection.
Bean is in third grade, suffering from some friend problems.  Her best friend has found a new best friend, and Bean is feeling alone.  She tries to find some new friends but learns that it is important to be careful about who you hang out with.  In addition to her friend issues, Bean starts learning how to play an instrument and struggles with missing her mother who has a busy work schedule.
Most girls can relate to Bean's friend issues and will appreciate a story about something most of them have experienced.  Bean is a girl readers will enjoy and while I don't know of any plans for future installments, I am hopeful that Ross will continue to write about Bean.

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