Sunday, January 31, 2010

Marriage and Other Acts of Charity

Marriage and Other Acts of Charity is Kate Braestrup's second book - this one focusing on marriage and relationships. Braestrup shares personal accounts from her own life as well as those of friends and acquaintances. In 1996 Braestrup's first husband, Drew, was killed in a car accident, leaving her alone with four small children. She is able to recount highs and lows in their relationship and that of her parent's as well. Her role as a chaplain has also given her training in counseling young couples. Using Bible verses that support her points, this book was well written and full of understanding from someone who it is obvious "gets it" in terms of relationships and marriage. Braestrup has remarried and also shares portions of her time dating her husband and how their relationship works.

This is also the second book I have read on the Kindle. I still don't have a clue how to look up various points of interest or how to make notes about what I have read, but this book would definitely be the type of book I would look back on for reflection and thought.

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