Friday, January 29, 2010

Abigail Iris

Abigail Iris: The One and Only by Lisa Glatt and Suzanne Greenberg is a cute book about third grader, Abigail Iris, who often wishes she were an only child. As one of four siblings Abigail has to share, and her family must live on a budget, which means she can't get Heelys (the shoes she wants). Her friends are Onlys, used to having more attention and getting things they want. Abigail is very excited when she is asked to go on a trip over spring break with her friend, Genevieve, who is an Only. Abigail Iris can see firsthand what it is like to be an only child. I especially enjoyed Abigail Iris's recounting of her vacation to San Francisco. I have only been there once, but hearing her account of the fun places to visit there was interesting - my oldest daughter often talks about wanting to visit San Francisco, and I know when she read this she liked hearing about places she hopes to see herself one day.

Of course, Abigail discovers for herself that being an Only isn't so great all the time. And she figures out that she misses her family, too, when she is away from them.

This is the first in a series, and already I am planning to purchase the second one for my library. A good choice for girls who are ready for chapter books, but not for more mature content.

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Loved this book and I nominated you for a Kreative Blogger Award. Come on over to my blog and check it out!!