Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Best Story

This picture book by Eileen Spinelli was another before bed book I enjoyed reading to my girls. The girl in this story sees a sign at the library: "Write the Best Story and Win First Prize" and immediately sets out to do just that. As she begins she notices that writing is a lot harder than she thought. Lots of people offer her advice. Her brother thinks good stories have a lot of action. Her dad likes stories with humor. Her aunt likes stories that make you cry. It is her mother who offers her the best advice of all - a good story comes from the heart. It doesn't really make a difference if you win a prize or not.

I really liked Spinelli's message and can see teachers using this book when they are helping writers start out. I also read an article about Spinelli this past weekend in the June issue of Book Page and enjoyed the insight about her childhood and all the time she spent in the library while she was growing up. For more information about Spinelli check out her website.

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