Friday, February 6, 2009

Chicken Cheeks

Chicken Cheeks, written by Michael Ian Black and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes, is my new favorite picture book right now. It is so cute and funny that I laughed out loud while reading it. The cover of the book has a chicken's rear end on it, thus earning it the title Chicken Cheeks. My seven year old enjoyed explaining to her sisters how we really have two different sets of cheeks on our bodies. Duck tail, moose caboose, polar bear derriere...the story goes on from there with a new way of saying "rear end" on every single page. The illustrations are colorful and my kids commented on many of the pages while we read. Later today I have a few groups of fourth graders coming and I can hardly wait to share this as a read aloud. While the book is too easy for them in terms of reading level, what child doesn't find humor in rear ends?

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Peaceful Reader said...

I have heard about this book...but I don't have it yet. You know it is funny when it makes you laugh out loud alone!!