Thursday, November 11, 2021

Friday Five: It's Beginning To Look Like Winter

 I woke up this morning to discover a light cover of snow on the lawn.  After a lifetime of living in the Midwest, I still find the first snow to be pretty, but don't need much more than that.  The extra warm weather clothing, shoveling, mess of melting snow in the entry of our house, and driving in it has made it less than appealing. I'm hoping this snow will quickly melt although I know it's just the start of several months of more of this type of morning discovery.

I've got a few wintery things I found this week - and unlike the weather that I could do without, I do truly love the clothes for cold weather.

1.  Cabin Calling Sweater

2.  Carson Cord: Cabernet

3.  Crew Neck Half-Zip Quilted Sweatshirt for Women

4.  Fair Isle Cardigan

5.  Cozy Mixed Stitch Sweater

6.  Shirt Jacket

7.  Hendrix Velvet Dress

8.  Jaymes Tunic Rust

9.  Halston Top

10.  Bristol Cardigan

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?

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