Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday Five: The Middle Of September

I think reality is setting in at school. We've had a lot of absences of both staff and students, and since we can rarely get substitutes, many of us who haven't taken days off are called on to sub.  No one is very excited about it, but there isn't another plan for how to cover classes.  We've always struggled with getting subs, but it's worse than normal this year.  

Anyway, the things I've found online this week are all very fall/winter-ish.  I don't need a thing, which I keep reminding myself, but it's hard when I see things I like.


1.  Cozy Marled Textured Tunic Sweater

2.  AE Patch Crewneck Sweater

3.  Ladyland Dress

4.  Quilted Jacket

5.  Eagle Cardigan

6.  Jordyn Dress

7.  Jessica Top

8.  Keds Kate Spade Tiny Dot Calf Hair

9.  Kelly Songbird Jeans

10.  9/11 Generation

That's it for this week. What's caught your eye?

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