Sunday, June 20, 2021

Friday Five: Late Again

Apparently I've become very lazy at getting these Friday Five posts up on Fridays.  I'd like to blame it on the fact that it's summer, but that's not entirely true.  I have had problems actually getting blogspot to work, so when I wait until the last minute, I often can only get a portion of the post done and have to try a different time to get the pictures to load.  Hopefully this stops happening at some point - or I'll start working on the Friday Five post on Mondays so I have time to work on it throughout the week.

Whatever the case, this is the roundup of things I found this week.  Enjoy!


1. Embroidered Boho Blouse

2.  Indigo Stripe Block Tee

3.  Embroidered Tiered Mini Dress

4.  America Tie Dyed Hoodie

5.  Huarache Sandal

6.  Align Shorts

7. Peace, Love and Books T

8.  Women's Sandwashed Shorts

9.  Floral Print Pajama Set

10.  Utility Shirtdress

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?

1 comment:

Ti said...

The Peace, Love, Books T is so cute!

How have you been? I miss our little Instagram check-ins. Now that things are opening up and returning to normal there seems to be less time to socialize overall. That makes me sad. I am still working from home. Our union and the University system don't seem to be seeing eye to eye on our return so here I am. I seriously do not mind. With the big college move coming and my son leaving again soon, I hope I do not go back until mid September. Crossing fingers.