Monday, April 5, 2021

Non-Fiction Quarter I Check-In

 During the first quarter of 2021, I've tried to pick up non-fiction books, knowing that they take me a little longer than fiction to read, but also knowing that there are so many nonfiction books I am interested in.

I enjoyed sixteen titles this past quarter, and really enjoyed more than half of them. I didn't read anything I hated, but there were some that fell a little short for me, or were not as good as I had hoped.  

The most recent memoir I loved is Good Apple by Elizabeth Passarella.  I loved, loved, loved this one.

Passarella grew up in Memphis, but moved to New York City where she now lives with her husband and children.  I loved that she shares so much of herself and her faith. She grew up as a conservative Republican but now is a Democrat, and is able to explain how her political beliefs have changed during her life.  Her faith remains at the center of who she is and that is also examined and explained as she lives in a city where many people don't attend church regularly - and where she is raising children who she is helping develop a strong faith of their own.  I finished this book on our way back from our spring break trip, but I think I've thought of it every day since and how much I enjoyed it. I might pick this one up again sometime because Passarella really feels like an old friend.

Other non fiction titles that I loved include:

    1. Crisis in the Red Zone by Richard Preston

    2. The Hardest Job in the World by John Dickerson

    3. The Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11 by Mitchell Zuckoff

    4. Share Your Stuff, I'll Go First by Laura Tremaine

    5. The Lost Family by Libby Copeland


I'm excited for more non-fiction reading this year and I've got a few titles I've already started and am enjoying.

What are your best non-fiction reads of 2021?

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