Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday Five: Counting Down the Hours

I'm counting down the hours at this point until spring break. I've NEVER really taken a big spring break trip.  For several years the girls and I would go with a friend and her two daughters on a small trip (Mall of America, Wisconsin Dells) but this is the first year our entire family is packing up and hitting the road.  

Although it's not going to be super warm where we are going, it will be warmer than Iowa which is expecting snow while we are gone.  I'm not feeling bad about missing that.

This week's things are a little mix of both warm weather and cold weather things, but I am so ready for spring.


1.  Varley Pullover

2.  Claye Top

3.  Freya Vest

4.  Tie-Dye Broadway Cardigan

5.  Cow Print Belt in Calf Hair

6.  Woodstock Tee

7.  Margot Crewneck Sweater in Vintage Floral

8.  Women's Tropical Slip-on Keds

9.   Nancy Pearl Action Figure - totally unnecessary, but who wouldn't want a Nancy Pearl action figure?

10.   S'More Cereal - this is pure evil. I used this cereal along with butter and melted marshmallows to make a Rice Krispie-ish bar.  I had to make a second pan after the first one was devoured.  Ridiculous.  

And that's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?


Mystica said...

I love reading about changing seasons. When you live in the tropics as I do, there is no distinct change in seasons. Yes we get monsoon rains, December is slightly cooler but there is no definite distinction and the hoopla of clothes, houses, furnishings etc to suit the season. Fascinating reading.

Ti said...

That belt. Love.

So where are you going for break??