Saturday, February 20, 2021

Friday Five On Saturday

I have the day off today- after a long week with two nights of conferences.  I am happy to get to have a day to myself, although my husband also took today off so we can get some things organized for the new flooring we are installing in our basement exercise room tomorrow.  

I'm still hoping for spring clothing sometime soon. However, the weather is not spring-like at all, and I've ended up ordering a few winter things for myself that are on clearance right now.

Here are this week's finds:

1.  Felicity Floral Hoodie - I think this is absolutely adorable. It's priced at $118 right now, so I'll be watching to see if it ever goes down in price.

2.  Mikki Henley - I also love the colors of this henley.

3.  Sorel Kinetic Sneak High Top Sneaker - I ordered these for myself and my girls are appalled.  I didn't like them initially when I saw them, either, but they've grown on me.  

4.  Cowl Neck Sweater - I feel like this would be perfect with jeans, dress pants, or leggings.

5.  Marseilles Daisies Bower Popover Shirt - this Madewell shirt was unavailable last year when I finally decided to order it.  Now it's on sale on Nordstrom Rack.  I also think this looks a bit springy.

6.   Northface Vest - after several years of wanting a North Face vest, I found this one on clearance. I am loving it.  

7.  Crewneck Pullover - a basic piece that comes in several color options

8.  Crossbody Bag Strap: Inked Leopard Webbing Edition  - Madewell has several different strap options for their bags. I am wondering how many different ones it's OK to have.

9.  Dots Homestyle Cheese Curls - when we bought the Dot's Southwest pretzels there wasn't a single person in our family that liked them, but these cheese curls are a winner.  They've got a little spice to them that I love.

10.  Meghan and Harry and Baby #2 - while I love this photo and am excited about baby #2, I've got conflicted feelings about their latest announcement that they won't be returning to royal duties.  

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

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Ti said...

I have a gray sweater like the burgundy one you included and I wear with with all the things you said. It's incredibly versatile.

The Royals. I am conflicted about their announcement too but for a different reason. I don't think she is quite stable, to be honest. She suffered a lot with depression from her first baby and after the miscarriage I was hoping she'd take some time for herself. I know nothing about them, obviously but I think it was pretty clear that she was struggling with mental health in some way. A baby doesn't really help with that. MY opinion only.