Sunday, January 24, 2021

Monday Mini-Reviews

It's been another good week of reading.  I'm trying to get to some of the new books that have been sitting on my TBR pile.  We are in the midst of a DIY project right now that has had me moving books around from a bookshelf that has housed many beloved books for years.....however, many of these books are ones I still need to read.  Some have been on my TBR stack for more than a decade. Although I've weeded them, I still have lots that I still think I want to read.  And then, there are gems like these three that I am sharing today that don't make it any easier to get to some of my older books.  Such problems!


Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella-  Kinsella is one of those authors whose work I've been reading ever since her first Shopaholic novel.  I can always count on her for a few laughs and eye rolls.  Ava is looking for love. When she attends a writing retreat in Italy, she meets Dutch and the two begin a whirlwind romance.  But....once they return to the "real world" it's a little bit harder to keep up the romance, especially when they find so many things they don't like about the way the other lives.  Will this relationship really work out?  This is a fun story that reads fast and kept me entertained.  

Monogamy by Sue Miller - I love Miller's writing: her character development, her descriptive style, the way her stories and people feel real.  Annie and Graham have been married for thirty years and have what most would consider a fairy tale marriage.  Yet, when Graham dies unexpectedly, Annie uncovers a secret he's kept that changes how she looks at their marriage.  Miller spends a lot of time developing these characters and reading this novel made me remember what it is I love about her books.  This would be a great book club selection and anyone who enjoys women's fiction won't want to miss this one.

The Chidren's Blizzard by Melanie Benjamin-  Several years ago I read a non-fiction book title The Children's Blizzard, so when I picked up this book  I already felt like I had some background knowledge about the topic. Benjamin's book centers around two sisters Gerda and Raina who are both teachers in different one room school houses in the midwest (Dakota Territories and Nebraska) when the weather changes in just minutes causing the need to decide whether to send children home before the weather worsens or keep them at school. One sister is considered a hero, the other is ostracized based on the decisions they make; this novel is one of heartbreak yet it provides such an interesting look at an important event in history.

These three are all winners and worth the time spent reading them. I'm looking through my TBR stacks again to see what I want to read next.  

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Ti said...

Monogamy is on my list. I've heard many good things about the writing.