Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Just Like That

If I had to pick one book that was my most favorite of the many, many I've read, I truly think it would be Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt.  

Schmidt has written two books (now three) that revisit some of those characters and while I love them, Wednesday Wars still ranks at the top.  But this latest book by Schmidt......well, it is pretty near perfect.


The focus of this book is Meryl Lee Kowalski, Holling's friend.  Set shortly after The Wednesday Wars ended, Meryl Lee has just endured a tragedy that she is having a hard time dealing with.  In order to give her a fresh start, she is sent to a girls' boarding school where she struggles to fit in while still grieving.  

There were so many times that I found similarities to The Wednesday Wars, something that made me smile and fall in love with this book.  Schmidt's latest novel is full of heartache, humor, life lessons, and even some suspense.  I read slowly - more slowly than I usually do - just to allow myself a chance to absorb how wonderful this story is.  

And while I loved this book, I will also tell you that after the second page, I was absolutely devastated.  It took me a good day or two to pick up this book again and restart.  And then I fell in love with this book.

Just like The Wednesday Wars, I will no doubt re-read this at some point. It is that good.  It's early in 2021, but I already know this will have a spot somewhere on my "best books" list at the end of the year.

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