Thursday, December 17, 2020

Friday Five: Counting Down

 There's a whole bunch of counting down going on right now....counting down how many more days of school we have left before Christmas break....counting down how many days until Christmas, until my birthday, until the end of the year.... I'm trying very hard to enjoy these days right here and now and not focus on counting down.  I am envisioning that Christmas will fly by quickly as will winter break.  When it starts it seems like we have endless days ahead of sleeping in and lounging around and then suddenly it's the night before school starts up again, and we're right back at it.  

This is still my favorite shopping season and there are plenty of things I continue to find for myself.  Check out what I found this week:

1.  Pilcro Lily Longline Cardigan - I love this cardigan. I'm not tall, though, so longs cardigans aren't something I necessarily buy.  

2.  Whisper Cotton Turtleneck in Esme Stripe - I already ordered this and have worn it once. I'm loving Madewell turtlenecks (this is my second I've purchased this year).

3.  Beaded Fair Isle Sweater - you know how I feel about Fair Isle sweaters....and this one even has beads on it.

4.  Boyfriend Colorblock Crew Sweatshirt - this takes the color block idea and adds a little flare to it.

5.  Herringbone City Coat - These coats on JCrewFactory have been heavily marked down for a few weeks They come in a variety of colors, but I'm partial to the herringbone one.

6.  Swingy Alpaca Blend Turtleneck Sweater -I also would love a good basic turtleneck sweater.

7.  Alpaca Sweater - I've been listening to a podcast chronicling Diana's life - and reliving some of the early days of her royal life.  Seeing this sweater now for sale takes me back to 1980/81.  And as a fan of the royal family, I'd love to have it for myself.

8.  Lara Sparkle Sweater - a little bit of sparkle adds some excitement and dressiness to a sweater. 

9. Upcycled Midweight Puffer Jacket - I already own a winter coat or two, but our winters are brutal and I like the floral pattern.


10.  You Light Up My Christmas - one of my friends texted me to let me know that she was watching a show that featured the gals from Facts of Life. I definitely need to catch this when they play it again.

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?


Ti said...

You described winter break just perfectly. Last week, on the first day of my vacation I was such a bundle of nerves. My property taxes were mailed so early and had not cleared which caused a penalty but now the check has cleared and there is some blanket statement about how the penalty will be reversed if it has the right postmark.. so reverse it. Then my dog's vet suddenly wasn't answering and she needed her shots for us to renew her license so had to go to a different vet. There was something else too. Took a week to take care of all that and now I feel like I am sort of on vacation but still anxious. It goes by way too fast.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

That J Crew coat is very sharp. The stripe Lara sweater made my flash back to 1990 when my daughter had a few Benetton sweaters - I think one had been a similar pattern. LOL

Have a nice holiday.