Monday, December 14, 2020

Christmas Reading: The Twelve Dates of Christmas

 It took me a chapter or two to get into this story, but once I had some time to myself and could get more than a few pages read without interruption, I was all in for this fun holiday rom-com.

Kate is thirty-four and ready to settle down. The problem is that she hasn't met the right guy yet. So, during the Christmas season she takes part in a Twelve Dates of Christmas program hosted by a dating agency.  She'll get to meet twelve different men in the twenty-plus days until Christmas and maybe one of them will be Mr. Right.

However, each date is a disaster.  There are some glimmers of hope every once in a while, but overall it seems that each man is worse than the one before.  As Kate reflects on the different men she's met, there is one guy she can't keep her mind off of.  The only problem is he's off limits.  

I knew where this was going almost from the first page. But if ever there is a time to enjoy some fun predictability, the Christmas season is it.  My daughter who is home from college also read this one and we had a good time talking about it once I'd finished it up.  I can think of plenty of friends who would think this book was a lot of fun, and considering I'm somewhat resistant to holiday reading, I'm finding plenty of enjoyment in these stories this year.

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Ti said...

That cover is adorable. I tend to not read Christmas themed stories but not on purpose. I'd have to select them ahead of time probably and that is just not happening this year. All sense of preparation and purpose has gone out the window.