Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Reading: In A Holidaze

 This may be the most Christmas reading I've done in years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Christina Lauren is an author duo whose work I've read occasionally and enjoyed.  In A Holidaze has been everywhere this holiday season and I am happy to report that it is worth the hype.

There's an element of magical realism to this story and although I'm not a huge fan of anything that doesn't seem realistic, this worked for me.  

Maelyn and her family are leaving their annual holiday get together where they refresh and recharge with lifelong friends.  This time they know it is the last time they will be together in this beautiful mountain location as their good friends are putting this mountain retreat up for sale.  As the car takes them further from their holiday get together, Maelyn thinks to herself that she wishes she could find what makes her happy.  And with that, she is transported back in time six days to an airplane taking her to the holiday destination she had just been leaving moments before.  As Maelyn relives the holidays, she has to start them over a few times, each time allowing her to revise her actions in order to do what she can to find happiness.  

Of course there's a great romance thrown in which I enjoyed and a variety of challenges that Mae and Andrew must overcome before they can truly be together.  But this is a fun read that's easy to get into and hard to put down.  

I've left this one out on our counter in hopes that my oldest daughter will pick it up and read it. She's read The Twelve Dates of Christmas and enjoyed it, and this one may also be one she enjoys.

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