Thursday, November 12, 2020

Friday Five


I found some great winter-ish things this week.  School is exhausting right now. There are lots of absences of both staff and students.  I've been subbing a lot.  And washing my hands a lot.  Today is a teacher work day, which means attending meetings all day long.  I took half a day to have some dental work done, so that's how I'll be spending my afternoon. Not too fun - but maybe more fun than meetings. 

Enjoy this week's finds:

1.  Relaxed Cozy Sherpa Half-Zip Sweatshirt - I love buffalo plaid, and like camo, my closet has quite a few things that all fit in this category. But a cozy sherpa sweatshirt in cold weather sounds perfect right about now.

2.  Sanctuary Play Open Front Cardigan - and let's follow the buffalo plaid up with some camo.  

3.  Veja Sneakers - these are a little pricey but really cute.  

4.  Donegal Maysfield Cardigan Sweater - I have plenty of cardigans, but I like this one as well.  Can you ever have too many cardigans?

5. Whisper Cotton Rib Crewneck Long Sleeve T in Carnasie Stripe- I love how crisp and clean this shirt looks.

6.  Turban Knot Headband in Stuart Tartan - I haven't got on the headband train yet, but I love these plaid headbands

7.  Cable Knit Poncho - cable knit is another one of the things I love.

8.  Sofft Leah Boots - I find a lot of boots that I like, but somehow when I purchase them they never seem to look right.  I can't quite give up on the idea of finding the perfect boot yet though.

9. Cheerful Billy Sweater - what a cute sweater!  I could find many places (if I get to leave the house) that I could wear this.

10.  Layered Mini Pearl Hoop Earrings - I've seen these on and love them.  Right now they are just $16.50  

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I had been eyeing those Softt Leah Boots in Navy. The sneakers are cute as well.

Ti said...

Those sneakers and that Billy sweater. Love.
I am sorry you are so exhausted. I really don't think I would do well at the office if I had to return. I'd need some time to work up to a normal work day again. I think I work more hours from home but split over the week so some days quite light. I do like putting dinner on while answering work emails or throwing a load of laundry in while attending a Zoom meeting.

There are all sorts of things I want right now. I saw a candle called London Christmas and now I feel like I have to own it. I am living in sweats right now. Because, why not? I have no place to go and this weird pain I had and the worry over the ultrasound results have me not caring about looks at all. I wore sweats to a youth event last night and the girls looked confused. I seriously think they thought I was in PJs. They did kind of look like that.