Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Five

Here it is Monday and my Friday Five post which was done before Friday never got published.  I had the day off on Friday and treated myself with a massage and several episodes of The Americans. From there we had a busy weekend on Saturday since Little Sister ran in the Middle State XC meet in Marshalltown (and took fourth overall in 2A).  On Sunday I had to get groceries, do laundry, and attempt to plan for a busy week ahead. 

So, here is my Friday Five on Monday:

1.  Cold Control Puffer Vest  - this vest pops up constantly on my instagram feed.  I've resisted so far, but do love the camo print.  

2.  Cozy Color-Blocked Crew-Neck Sweater - just a simple sweater that would look sharp with a pair of black pants.

3.   Women's Mock Neck Half Zip Sweatshirt - and more camo.  I will be in trouble if it ever goes out of style.

4.  High Waisted OG Straight Ankle Gray Button Fly Jeans - i bought a pair of gray jeans a few years ago that I really like and I'm happy to see that they still appear to be in style.

5.  Loose Cozy Sherpa Sweatshirt - I love a good, cozy Sherpa sweatshirt. This one comes in a variety of colors.

6.  Joules Rain Boots - I would love a pair of leopard print rain boots.  

7.  Quilted Favorite Zip Hoodie - I have plenty of little hoodies, but love the horizontal quilted pattern on this one.

8.  Hannah Comfort Sneakers - I have nothing red in my entire wardrobe, but these shoes look so fun.  

9.  Wool Cotton Camo Scarf - I have several scarves, but no camo scarves- yet.  This one I could wear with so many different things. 

10.  West Wing - I've been anxiously waiting for this reunion to come out on HBO Max.  I can't wait to see these actors/characters reunite.

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?

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Ti said...

I love the color blocked sweater.

I have one purchase to share. I finally bought myself a sun hat. I had one that I used to take to high school camp with me but the last time we went, someone stepped on it and it was straw so it was done for. I needed a crushable, packable hat and found one at REI on sale for $12! My head is large. That is my problem with hats but the XL fits perfectly so I've been wearing it on walks. It's tan and lightweight.