Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday Five

Fall is most definitely in the air.  It was a cool, crisp forty-eight degrees today as I took the dog for a walk this morning.  And most of my finds from the week are for the cold weather ahead.   Enjoy!

1.  Women's Quilted Quarter Zip Pullover - I am loving this pullover which comes in a variety of colors.  

Women's Quilted Quarter-Zip Pullover

2.  Bower Popover Shirt in Marseilles Daisy - I saw last night that this top is on sale now for just $30.  I might have to break down and treat myself.

Bower Popover Shirt in Marseille Daisies in gengy vintage parchment image 1

3.  Loose Tunic Sweatshirt - Old Navy has several style and color options in this one.  I'm thinking this would be perfect for the upcoming winter.

Loose Tunic Sweatshirt for Women

4.  Pullover Hoodie in Towel Terry - And this would be great to throw on after a workout.  

Pullover Hoodie in Towel Terry

5.  Perfect Vintage Tee in Paradise Toile - I love the color and print of this T.

The Perfect Vintage Tee in Paradise Toile in lighthouse image 1

6.  Fringe Bandana - I've been meaning to buy a bandana for a while and this would go with so many things.

Fringe Bandana in summer breeze multi image 1

7.  Asymmetrical Snap-up Fleece - I have this in same shirt in two other colors already but I'm totally here for the leopard print.

select to zoom model image 1

8.  Fancied Flair Cap Sleeve Blouse - As a librarian I need this blouse!

ModCloth Fancied Flair Cap Sleeve Blouse in Red Books Multi | ModCloth

9.  Classic Crew- Sara - I would also love a nice crisp striped shirt.

10.  Organic Cotton Turtleneck - and as fall looms, I definitely need a few new turtlenecks.

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?


Ti said...

That quilted top you posted. I have one like that from years ago that I bought from Talbots. It has held up so well that my daughter now wears it all the time. I swear, it must be ten years old.

How are you doing? How is school going for you and your kids? I went away for the weekend as you know. It was short but felt long which is nice. Didn't get to spend as much time with my son as he was called in to work more than once but we had a nice dinner together and we had our own, private table, outside all by itself. I felt very safe. Most everyone in town wore masks and there were a lot of visiting families since it was move-in day for the college. My son is still off campus in a house and we briefly saw the house, from the backyard. It's a cute house but about to be tented for termites. Bad timing as school just started for them but my son's hotel where he works is letting him stay there for the weekend. I am so grateful for that.

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