Sunday, August 23, 2020

Monday Mini-Reviews and Back To School

 Today is the first official day with kids at school since March.  We spent most of last week in meetings and getting ready for the day.  Even though I've had a lot of first days at school, it still is exciting each fall.  

This year we have face masks required and I hope that goes smoothly.  We have a few less students since some families have chosen virtual education for right now, and that, too, will be different.  I'm hoping for the best for all of of us heading back to school tomorrow.  

It's always a challenge to work in reading time when my schedule changes.  This week it took me all week to get through Janelle Brown's new book, but I loved it.

This story has two narrators: Nina and Vanessa, and even though there was a little overlap in the narration, I enjoyed hearing the same story from both perspectives.

Nina has been a grifter for years.  She know how to con people after a lifetime of watching her mother. Now, her mother's cancer is back and Nina is trying to find a way to pay for her treatments. This time her swindle isn't small, she's got a plan to take the million dollars she knows is in the safe at the Liebling mansion.  

Vanessa Liebling really is a poor little rich girl.  She's grown up with millions, but after the death of both of her parents she's inherited the family mansion which is worth a lot yet requires a lot of money for its upkeep and has no other income or assets.  When Ashley and her boyfriend Michael rent out her cottage, it provides a little extra money as Vanessa tries to figure out her future.

Ashley is really Nina, set on finding money she remembers Benny Liebling, her high school boyfriend tell her about one day. Although she thinks she knows what she's doing, there are so many twists and turns - and you can't trust anyone - that I was delighted with the turn of each page.  

I've loved Janelle Brown's other books, so if you've read this one already, check out her other books.  And hopefully, despite being busy at work each day, I'll find a few minutes to get a few books read by next Monday.

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Ti said...

Hope everyone's first day back goes well. You must give me an update later.