Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Five

Another Friday, another week in quarantine.  Our governor announced that she is opening up many things again, starting today. However, COVID-19 isn't gone, and we still are practicing social distancing at our house.

However, yesterday we did go to an orthodontist appointment.  That is probably the most exciting place we've been since March.  I wasn't thrilled about it, but Middle Sister's braces haven't been tightened since February, so we ventured out.  It felt strange to be out in public, and I definitely am not a fan of the face masks (they're hot and I feel like people can't understand when I talk), but I will wear one when I'm out in public.  

On to some online shopping:

1.  Seychelles So Precious Sandals -I might actually buy a nice pair of sandals this summer.  After living in sweats and leggings the past eight weeks, I would love to wear something a little nicer. I haven't bought a new pair of nice sandals in years.  This is similar to a pair I used to own and love.

Seychelles® So-Precious Sandals

2.  Lily Tie Back Jumpsuit -I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy wearing this (I'm just imagining having to basically undress to go to the bathroom), but I do love how it looks.

Lily Tie Back Jumpsuit

3.  Lou & Grey Tie Front Shirt -I love the simplicity of this shirt, which would be great with a pair of khaki shorts for the summer

Lou & Grey Tie Front Shirt

4.  Gingham face masks - and who knew that face masks could be a fashion item? I do love the gingham print for the summer.

5.  Code Cracker Crop - I look at an awful lot of exercise leggings, but rarely buy any.  I'm enjoying these right now.

6.  Farm Fresh Double Old Fashioned Glass - if I hadn't gone on a Ray Dunn mug buying spree I think I would feel compelled to buy these glasses.

Farm Fresh Double Old Fashioned Glass

7.  Tuck Front T-Shirt -not only do I love the tuck front look, I also love the color of this shirt.

ZELLA Tuck Front T-Shirt, Main, color, RED HIBISCUS

8.  Tufted Trellis Decorative Throw Pillow - after sitting in the house for eight weeks, I have started a major purging and have plans for doing some minor renovations. I love these pillows- and we could definitely use a pillow refresh in our living room and TV room.

9.   Northside Vintage Tee in Willetta - stripes.....I love them.  This shirt looks so crisp and clean.

Northside Vintage Tee in Willetta Stripe in dark baltic image 1

10.  Becoming on Netflix - and coming right up on Netflix for me to soon as I have a free moment.

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?


Kay said...

I'm with you on the facemasks. I've found that I don't love having damp cloth tightly on my face and people can't seem to hear me when I talk, so I have to shout. I complained to my daughter and she just laughed hysterically. Being the one who has to wear the masks (N95 and also surgical) for a bunch of her shifts at the hospital. She said - Mom, seriously, you don't love wearing a mask? I told her 'sorry to complain' - ha! I have a dentist appointment for next Wednesday - just a regular cleaning. Finally decided to go ahead and go. The list of new rules for appointments was very long. We'll see how it goes.

Ti said...

I get so flustered when I wear a mask. I have knocked over displays more than once while wearing my mask. Plus, for the short time I wear it, it causes small breakouts on my face. I don't think I could wear one all day at work.

Those sandals are really nice. The ortho appt was much needed I'm sure if she hasn't been adjusted since February.