Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday Five: Covid Quarantine Week ???

I'm not sure how many weeks we've actually been social distancing now...I think four if you count our spring break week (which is when we began staying home and rarely leaving our house).  My youngest daughter told me this week that this is not as bad as thought it would be, but I'm sure none of us will be sad when we can get back to going a few places.

My school work has started to ramp up a bit with more online meetings and requirements.  And the girls spend a portion of their day on school as well.  Today all of us would have been off in observance of Good Friday, but at this point, this day is no different than any other, except for of course the Good Friday service we can watch online later.

I found some cute things online I'm sharing with the hope that someday there might be opportunity to wear them outside of our homes.  

1.  Francesca A Line Skirt-  I'm loving the chevron print on this skirt.  So many cute spring and summer things out right now- none that I'd want to wear while sitting in my house or walking the dog, which is what my days consist of.

Francesca A-Line Skirt - Ivory, Chevron Stripe

2.  Golden Goose Hanami Slip on Sneaker - I just bought my girls Vans for Easter and noticed how cool these distressed pair were.  However, nothing is worth $530 a pair, so I'll just admire them from afar.

GOLDEN GOOSE Hanami Slip-On Sneaker, Main, color, WHITE/ GOLD/ PINK

3.  Elephant Riviera Shorts - If it turns out I actually need a summer wardrobe for more than just sitting home, I'd love these shorts.  Several years ago I bought a cardigan sweater (also navy) from Loft with this exact same pattern.  I'm consistent if nothing else.

Elephant Riviera Shorts with 4 Inch Inseam

4.  Aerie Ribbed Henley Long Sleeved T-Shirt - I've been following an instagrammer who has been showing me lots of clothes I'd love to have.  This is definitely not good for my bank account, but I am liking the new suggestions. I can already think of lots of places to wear this shirt.

Aerie Ribbed Henley Long Sleeve T-Shirt

5.  Vintage Aloha Shirt - long ago I had a Hawaiian shirt that I loved.  I looked at one last year at Old Navy and my kids were just disgusted, but I still keep looking at them longingly.  I'm so glad I have another chance to pick one up this year.

Aerie Vintage Aloha Shirt

6.  Cities List Graphic T -the last thing I feel like doing right about now is traveling so this shirt will have to take care of fulfilling my desire to see other places.

j.crew factory: cities list graphic tee for women, right side, view zoomed

7.  Popover shirt in Island Botanical Print - JCrew keeps making popovers and I keep on liking them.  The print is new and I love a good popover.

j.crew: classic popover shirt in ratti® island botanical print for women, right side, view zoomed

8.  This Is My Social Distancing Shirt - Raygun is known for the sayings on their Tshirts.  There are plenty to choose from surrounding the global pandemic.

This Is My Social Distancing Shirt

9.  Aerie Vintage Tie T-Shirt - I wish this shirt would look as cute on me as it does on my sixteen year old daughter.  Each girl picked out two spring clothing items for Easter, and this is one of her picks.  Plenty of color options, but she went with the green.

Aerie Vintage Tie T-Shirt

10.  Joe Exotic Podcast -we watched the Netflix series last weekend as a family and were as amazed/appalled/left shaking our heads as everyone else who watched. This has been recommended to me twice now, so I may have to give it a listen.  

Joe Exotic: Tiger King - Wondery - Feel The Story

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

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Ti said...

Those shoes are rather cool but wow!! The cost is unreal.

We will be getting takeout tonight. I have no more meal making supplies. I may hit Smart and Final tonight too with my tshirt mask. I don't want to expose myself but I have to get stuff to eat. This family of mine just won't eat things like hot pockets or burritos.