Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Boredom Busters For Quarantine

My girls have school work to keep them busy during the day and at night we've been burning through episodes of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. The weather is nice some days, so we can spend time outside,  but there is still a lot of extra time to account for.  

Here are a few of the things they've been doing to keep themselves busy.

1.  Extreme Dot to Dot Books - we have these hanging around from years ago, and apparently this is the perfect time to pick them up and work on them while watching television. I've ordered three new ones as well and there is great anticipation for their arrival.

2.  Spiroglyphics Coloring Books - I had the music icons version of this book hid away in my closet. I got it out yesterday and of course there has already been fighting over who is completing certain pictures (apparently everyone wants to do the page with Beyonce on it).  So, I'm going to purchase a few more of these books.  Each page takes quite a bit of time to complete and my oldest daughter said it is actually kind of fun.  I think the whole thing is pretty amazing.

3.  Hangman -I love hangman, but I don't always want to play when anyone else does.  These books have scratch off letters and allow you to play by yourself!  I bought them for my nieces and nephew for Easter but my brother and sister-in-law have been using the books, too.  And since I've got a few of them at home, my girls have picked them up as well.

 Hangman Puzzles for Vacation (Puzzlewright Junior Hangman)

4.  Sticker Mosaics and Paint by Sticker - both sticker mosaics and paint by stickers books have been worked on recently.  Again, we've got some books that were never entirely used and are finally getting picked up.  

5.  Punch Needle Kit - I bought this for Little Sister to try out.  Unfortunately I have no skills with anything like this. Thank goodness for youtube, though.  She was able to watch a few videos and is much more patient than I would have been.  The first attempt isn't fantastic, but she improved drastically by the end, and of course would like me to buy her another kit.

6.  Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game - We had friends who sent us this card game for our quarantine.  It's a fun, quick card game that makes us laugh a lot.  You know it's a winner when my girls ask if we can play it again the next night.

 I know there are tons of great resources out there...too many, really.  What have you used that you're enjoying or recommending right now?

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Ti said...

I have never seen a Punch Needle project but the one you showed looks so pretty. I used to do those horrible latch rug kits! They were fun to do but then what do you do with it after?

I've not been great the past couple of days. Headache, day 5. Yesterday was particularly bad. Even good meds did not touch it. Today, feels a little better. Trying to get up more to stretch.

One of our neighboring counties just opened everything up which is so dumb. Now everyone from our city is flocking there and bringing God knows what back.