Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Book Tour: And They Called It Camelot Tour

I love reading about the Kennedys.  Most of what I've read is, of course, non fiction.  However, I'll read pretty much anything about the Kennedys. And They Called It Camelot by Stephanie Marie Thornton is historical fiction, a story told through Jackie Kennedy's perspective.

Jackie's story begins when she is engaged for the first time, and unfolds as she calls off the engagement and then meets and is attracted to the completely inappropriate Jack Kennedy.

This is a novel, so it is only the author's best guess about how Jackie really felt, but I liked the idea that Jackie knew what she was getting into when she married Jack, and understood that he was a womanizer.   She brings grit and determination to their life together and his success is partly because of her.

I loved seeing the inner workings of their life together - and yes, this is fiction, I know, but I loved that Thornton brought this couple to life for me and I was able to read personal details about their marriage.  While my knowledge of the Kennedys is already fairly detailed, there are readers out there who know nothing about Jackie and JFK or the way our nation felt during the time John was the president.  This book would perhaps pique their interest to know more.

I loved this book. Historical fiction, especially fictionalized versions of actual people, are my sweet spot and And They Called It Camelot was such a fun way to read about the Kennedys.  Thornton's depiction of Jackie made her come to life in a different way than the biographies I've read.  

I'm highly recommending this one to fans of historical fiction, readers who enjoy the Kennedys and people who also like fictionalized biographies.  

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