Thursday, January 3, 2019

Picture Book Mini-Reviews

I still love to curl up with a stack of picture books, even though I don't get many opportunities to read them to a captive audience like I once did. My girls are all a little too old (what teenager wants their mom to read them picture book before bed?!), and I'm now in a middle school, not an elementary school. Yet, I'm a book lover and I can't turn off that part of me that still loves looking at books for young readers.

That Bear Can't Babysit by Ruth Quayle and Alison Friend - is such a fun, charming story about parents that get invited out for a night, but need a babysitter for their seven young rabbits. The only person who responds to their ad for a babysitter is Bear. Despite their skepticism about Bear's babysitting skills, they leave their children with him and head off for an evening out.  Of course there are some interesting activities that go on with Bear in charge, but by the time the parents arrive home, everything appears to be under control.  This would be a great read aloud or bedtime story.

Potato Pants by Laurie Keller - I've been a Laurie Keller fan for years and The Scrambled States of America was one of my favorites to use with my students.  I had really high hopes for this one, and the story of a potato and an eggplant fighting over a pair of pants is mildly entertaining, but does not measure up to her other picture books.

The Snowy Nap by Jan Brett - Brett is still churning out fantastic picture books with detailed illustrations and borders that help tell her story.  Hedgie's back in this tale, and it's time for him to hibernate. However, on his way to take his winter nap his friends tell him about all the fun things he misses while he sleeps.  

P is For Pterodactyl:The Worst Alphabet Book Ever by Raj Haldar - I love this book which showcases the many ways our English language doesn't follow the rules.  I am looking forward to using it with my middle school students who will actually understand the humor in this book.  

I'm An Immigrant Too! by Mem Fox - definitely a book for younger readers, Fox does a great job of showing how a variety of people live in Australia and have come there from many different countries -  we are all immigrants.  The illustrations are bright and colorful, the text rhyming.  There are references to Australian cities, which won't be familiar to readers from other countries, but this is a great look at immigration for preschool-1st grade.

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