Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Five

I've been tempted this past week to spend some money as I look at some great online sales, but so far I've held off.  The barrage of emails I receive each day from various retailers is out of control, and I've had to just delete them without looking at them, because if I do start looking, it's easy to start thinking I should buy.

And right now I'm finding plenty online to still enjoy looking at:

1.  Glasgow Cardigan - I love plaid, and this pattern would be perfect with a pair of jeans or with some black pants.

2.  Yakima Camp Blanket -my mom gave me the warmest, coziest blanket for my birthday this year and my husband commented that blankets must be her thing. She has several really soft, warm blankets we all like to use while we are at her house visiting.  While we do have blankets, our collection is nothing like hers.  I love the striping in this one, although I'm not sure how soft it looks.

3.  Arabella Sweatshirt - the Arabella Sweatshirt is something I own already, but I love the different prints that come out and it is the perfect thing to throw on for work when I need to look professional, but still want to be comfortable.

4.  Women's Olive Suede Duchess Boots - the ad for these continues to pop up on my Instagram feed, and the more I see them, the more I want them.  They look great with a pair of leggings, but I need to remind myself that I don't generally wear leggings, so I'm not sure how practical it would be for me to invest in these.

5.  Make America Read Again T-Shirt - Pretty much I like and want any reading t-shirt and this is no exception.

6.  Lattice Hem Leggings for Women - If I did decide to wear leggings, I'd love a pair with the cut-outs. I like the extra detail to them that make them seem a little dressier and not just for exercising.

7.  GapFit Packable Popover Windbreaker with Smocked Waist- recently my husband purchased a new windbreaker and asked how old mine was.  I don't wear it often, but I still have one around here somewhere that's nearly 20 years old. When I purchased it I wore it all the time.  Someday I'm going to buy a new one; I like the color and front stitching of this one.

8.  Cozy Karma Asym Sweatshirt Dress - a while ago I featured the shorter, sweatshirt version. But this week I started looking at it and realized that I like this dress, too, and that it would look great with a pair of leggings.

9.  National Park Chelsea Boots - soon it will be muddy as the winter snow melts (or maybe not for us this year since we seem to be having an extremely warm winter right now), and a pair of these short rain/mud boots would come in handy. They also come in a variety of colors.

10.  Seven Days Out on Netflix - my friend, Kristin, recommended this show to me on Netflix. I've only watched one episode, but liked it a lot. If you want something that's interesting and entertaining and doesn't require you to keep watching episode after episode, this is the show for you.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?


Ti said...

My rain jacket is an old Eddie Bauer jacket from like 20 years ago. It's lost its waterproof nature three times but I keep scotch guarding it. It is too big for me now and this is funny, but my daughter's friend saw me at Starbucks, snapped a pic of me and sent it to my daughter and I looked like a little child in this jacket. It was clown like. So yes, I need a new one.

This shop caught my eye, especially these sweatshirts which come in a lot of colors.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Those Duchess boots are super cute and kind of remind me of some Sorel's I purchased this year. I love blankets (one you features is gorgeous), it must be an older mom thing LOL Have a great week.