Friday, November 23, 2018

Friday Five: Black Friday Shopping Has Begun

Black Friday - and Christmas shopping in general - is one of the most dangerous times of year for me.  While I should be shopping for gifts for everyone else, I always find a lot of really great things that I would love to have. I try hard not to get too carried away, but the deals are always great and I love winter clothes.

Here are some of the things I found this past week:

1. Books Are My Happy Place T-Shirt - this shirt would be perfect for me all year round. I saw this one in a line-up of great gifts for book lovers.  I have yet to purchase one for myself, but I'm not sure how long I can hold out.

2.  Printed Patchwork Thermal Tee - I love this shirt and think I could pair it with some gray cords and an open front sweater of some type.

3.  Joyful Stripe Pullover -it's no surprise that I've found something striped that I like.  I really like the color combination of this one.

4.  Flannel Sunday Shirt in Seconda Plaid - and plaid is another favorite. This seems a bit more fall-like than winter, but I really like the colors.

Flannel Sunday Shirt in Seconda Plaid in egyptian gold image 1

5.  Wrap Front Shirt in Palma Plaid - Madewell has great clothing and although this top is pretty traditional, I really like the extra little flare in the front.

Wrap-Front Shirt in Palma Plaid in old vine image 1

6.  Relaxed Yoke Shirred Top for Women - I confess to purchasing this top and one identical to it in a burgundy to wear under my open front sweaters.  Old Navy has lots of great deals and I basically ended up getting two shirts for the price of one.

7.    Winter Bouquet Sweatshirt -I love a good floral print. And, even though this is a sweatshirt, I'm pretty sure I could get away with wearing this to work with a pair of cords.

8.  Big Bow Midi Skirt - I am absolutely in love with this skirt.  Every year I have a Christmas party to attend and struggle with what I should wear.  Even though I would freeze while wearing it, I might venture out of my comfort zone simply because I love this skirt.

9.  Printed Washed Pintuck Popover - this is another shirt I couldn't turn down.  JCrew Factory has great deals right now and I have a few popovers from them that I love wearing.  And this plaid is one of my favorites, so there was no way I was turning it down.

10.  For Real Podcast - another book podcast - YAY! I love non-fiction and have been participating in Nonfiction November on my blog.  What better way to celebrate amazing non-fiction than by listening to two co-hosts talk about a wide assortment of non-fiction books out there.

That's it for me this week.   What's caught your eye? Any Black Friday deals I need to know about?


Peaceful Reader said...

I love the thermal from Sundance. Sadly, it is back ordered to the end of January!

Ti said...

The sales are still going and my inbox continues to be hit with deals left and right. However, I ended up not buying much but because of this podcast I've been listening to, I want to now buy only from companies that give back. Right now I have my eyes set on one of these totes but also still want that FEED bag I mentioned before.

You customize if with your own four things. I was thinking: Books. Coffee. The Beach. Tacos. A percentage goes back to the cause of their choosing... I think it's the prevention of child trafficking this month.