Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Five

Next week will be my last full week of summer vacation.  This week I have tried to break myself of nap-a-day habit, which has only been marginally successful. I did have one night where I just couldn't sleep - all the things I needed to do for school were rushing through my head.  So I guess that means it really is time to get back in a routine and get some things done.  

There are also great things to be found online in the fall. I love back to school shopping - the fall colors, the cold weather clothing - it is one of my favorite times of the year.  I'm taking the girls on a weekend shopping trip to the Mall of America this weekend, and hope we can get everything they need for the upcoming year while we are there.

Here are my highlights of my week's online browsing:

1.  Free Range Pant- Regular - Title Nine is a company I associate with good quality active wear.  There happens to be a store in Edina, MN, so I am trying to work that in to part of our trip. I'd love to try some of their pants on in person.

2.  Adjustable Bra - I hate spending money on exercise bras, but the ones I have are old and not in great shape anymore. I'm thinking of trying this brand (new to me) for my next sports bra purchase.

3.  The Be Brand Headbands - my girls have several Junk headbands and although I have a few that I wear when I exercise, I really like this brand - and all the styles- of headbands that can be worn for more than just exercise.

4.  The Stevie Long Sweater - another item I'd love to look at in the Title Nine store is this sweater. I love the colors, which just scream, "fall!" to me.

5.  Spotted Border Silk Little Scarf - long ago I worked retail and at the time small scarves knotted around the neck were all the rage. I've seen this look a few times recently on different clothing sites. I liked it in the 90s and I like it now.

6.  Girlfriend Chinos with Metal Stud Grommet Details - my black pants are in need of an upgrade as well.  This pair isn't long enough to work for year round (Iowa winters with nothing covering the ankle region is not realistic), but I think they'd be great for fall and spring - and I like the detailing on the pocket.

7.  Oversize Colorblock Striped Scarf - and I also like a good scarf like this one- I have a pair of burgundy pants that I would love to wear with this.

8.  Frye Melissa Hobo Bag - someday I am going to invest in a great high quality bag.  It's not right now, but I need to keep Frye in mind when I finally decide to spend a hunk of money on a nice purse.

9.  Embroidered Peasant Top- another top that is pretty versatile and would work well for school or on weekends.  

10.  Book Club Movie - I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I went with a group of friends this week and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.  It's not amazing, but I found it funny and entertaining and worth the time I spent at the theater.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I'm a scarf lover so both of these appeal to me. I also love the peasant top. Haven't seen the Book Club movie but I'll catch it on tv.

Ti said...

I tried numerous times to get a group of gals together to see that Book Club movie but honestly, they felt it was out of their age range. I was like, you guys are in denial. LOL. I will see it when it hits streaming.